Phil Durrant and Bill Thompson - Intraspect

Instraspect is a live recording of a performance by musicians Phil Durrant and Bill Thompson. Utilizing a modular synth, Moog guitar, found objects, and live electronics, the duo has crafted a glacially building, droning, and nuanced experimental ambient world. Slow and subtle evolution is the name of the game here. The timbres on display force attentive listening but remain too dissonant for a relaxed and meditative zone out. Accompanying the steady bed of drone is feedback both tonal and chaotic. Intermittent interjections of static like buzzing fades in and out. Over the course of the piece's 31 minutes there are chaotic blooms that unfold organically and languidly. In its entirety Intraspect is a slow-motion explosion that meanders through the side paths and back alleys of noise, feedback, bubbly chaos, and screaming machinery. While it ebbs and flows, there are no shortcuts taken in its ultimately destination-free journey. - Sam Chittenden