Panic Girl - Cake on Jupiter - Modular Field

Panic Girl's Cake on Jupiter has a breezy, laid back quality to it [no coincidence that a 2016 EP from Panic Girl is titled Breeze]. Running at eight tracks, COJ starts off with the instrumental "Himalayan Tea" a song with a slightly syrupy beat that would be more at home in an opium den than a teahouse. "Monotones" adds Martha Bahr's Grimes-y/Fever Ray-ish vocals, with its drawn out syllabic gestures and is the glue that binds. "Moonbase" has a sort of call and response instrumental pattern, with a stuttering beat, and made me feel a bit uneasy, like shouting a question from the moon, knowing the answer will never come; there's nobody else out there. It's just you. Made with an ARP 2600, Juno 60, field recordings and vocals, Cake on Jupiter is a strong intergalactic mix of sounds past, present, and of some indeterminate future that made me nostalgic for a time yet to come. - Ellison Wolf