Mirt - Greed

At times aggressive, at others undefinable, Mirt’s [Tomek Mirt of Poland’s XAOC Devices] Greed is a mixture of field recordings, soundscapes, and I’m assuming XAOC Devices modules. Experimental through and through, sometimes you’ll catch a glimpse of an acidic version of Frampton through a vocoder [Track one], other times nature’s less domesticated creatures yelping for assistance, and others you’ll hear the gluey drape of some unknowable slowed down instrument in the background, just out of reach—out of consciousness. Track four hints at the melodic apex of Carlos’ 2001 Space Odyssey soundtrack, while Track six has a more conventional structure to with a pretty hypnotic melodic pattern. Beats are always present—sometimes in your face, sometimes quite subversive. This is really well done, and worth your time to seek out. Greed comes on plum vinyl, and is limited to 200 copies.

- Ellison Wolf