Michael William Gilbert - Voice Ping Strum - GIBEX MUSIC

Gilbert’s latest, Voice Ping Strum, is only available on vinyl, only two songs [albeit they ain’t no three minute pop tunes], and is a morphing trip through it’s 37 minute run time. Track/Side one’s “Flowers of Edo” has a cyclical nature to it and at times an 80s vibe with instances reminiscent of Yello’s 1985 hit “OH YEAH” [Chick-chicka!], before changing into something completely different; hence the morhping tag used above. Side two's "Palimpsest" has a different feel, trading the circular motion for a straighter groove with a little G-funk melody and snappy percussive pops thrown in. The title is an anagram of Gilbert’s first release, Moving Pictures, which was released forty years ago. This man definitely knows his way around a synth or two. - Ian Rapp