KZZL - Lixiviate - Junk Drawer Records

The definition of the title of Korey Luna’s 6 track, Lixiviate, has to do with liquid extraction, and that’s a good start to describe the changing tides of the North Beats Podcast founder/host latest release. Recorded after having open heart surgery for the fourth time, it’s hard not to think of that when listening to put Lixiviate into context. Starting with some nice melodic ambient-ing on “Decredense” before changing pace on a track by track basis, going into more aggressive/Techno-ish territory, such as on track 4's "Phone Creeps", Luna has a good touch, and utilizes some simple melodic flourishes to good effect. While some of this could have been fleshed out a bit more, and I wasn’t so pumped on the spoken word-ing of the final track of the album, “Polisickness”, Lixiviate is nonetheless a good listen throughout. Excited to hear where he goes next. - Ian Rapp