Fathom The Void - Silent Confidant - Industrial Coast

Carl Jung posited that there is an aspect of the personality, the shadow archetype, which is an unknown side of a person and largely perceived as negative [although there are positive aspects but, really, who creates music with those?] Seattle duo Fathom The Void’s latest offering, Silent Confidant, is the shadow. Instinctive and irrational, the six-tracks—accompanied with titles and explanations credited to Jung—are tightly coiled, at times claustrophobic, noisy, turbulent, jarring…all the things you’d expect the shadow to be. Aurick Leere [ modular synth, circuit bending, audio engineering] and Anonymous Bosch [flim and flam] produce thick sounds of unpredictable distortion and resonance with noise as its animating philosophy. The band’s bandcamp notes that the album began as a way to document what happens “to the mind under constant focus and how it deteriorates.” It wasn’t clear if that meant the mind or the focus, but either way it pulled me in. - Em Maslich