Demetrius Patin - April Rains

I've spent most of spring listening to April Rains by Seattle multi-instrumentalist Demetrius Patin. The four-song EP finds Patin deftly blending analog and digital elements to plumb the depths of the season of change and transition. "Crashing,” a repetitive and hypnotic opener, pulls the listener out into the something swirling and churning while a guitar sends up flares in bright hot flashes that burn off into vapor. “Home” sputters and fizzes with electronic voices until a rhythmic pizzicato finds its path and a liquid-smooth bassline organically shifts and lifts, instinctively following a direction, trusting that it knows exactly where to go. "Solace” begins with a pacing bassline as shimmering, trembling synths and woodwind timbers stride into open spaces and percussive elements move it forward with confidence. “Why Ask Why” possesses a vulnerability and sense of yearning that dials into patterns and rhythms to reveal something unexpectedly strong, persistent, determined. - Em Maslich