David Lee Myers - Prototype of the Veil

David Lee Myers [who also goes under the alias Arcane Device] has a long history of releases, dating back twenty years or so. His latest, Prototype of the Veil, runs just shy of 60 minutes and is a creepy affair, sounding a lot like the in-between, non-speaking parts of the Aliens franchise or some other unfriendly interstellar series. Melodies are sparse, and come in random mellow bursts, hidden beneath a curtain of redundant beeps, layers of swashes, and at times tinnitus-range warnings from far away. This is one of those albums that you put on while painting your figurine collection, detailing your electronics dungeon, or other such solitary indoor endeavors. If you must, let it loose in the furthest oxygen deprived reaches of outer space. - Ellison Wolf