Bill Thompson - Mouthful of Air - Burning Harpsichord Records

Fans of Tibetan Bells by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings and/or binaural beats therapy will find some kindred listening spirits in Bill Thompson’s Mouthful of Air. Using Moog guitar, live electronics, and found objects, long meditative high pitched droning is the order of the day, and Mouthful of Air doesn’t disappoint. Side A’s "After Stillness", with its slowly modulating waveforms, reminiscent of test tones or tinnitus, are way more pleasing than the written word makes them out to be, and flipping over the cassette to the second side is a much appreciated continuation of the first. After listening, I felt cleansed, refreshed, and centered. Sometimes the simplest thing is just what you need to stop what you’re doing and take stock of what’s around. - Ian Rapp