Is Waveform only about Eurorack/modular synths? I'm only interested in stuff with pitch wheels.

Waveform is about all sound synthesis, whether it's hardware, software, analog, digital, keyboard based, modular, etc. We prescribe to an all-inclusive approach to sound manipulation, design, and destruction. As well, we have an open policy for equipment review based on space.

I subscribed and haven't received the latest issue. What can I do?

When you subscribe, you are all set for the upcoming issue. However, if you missed the initial mailing for an issue then that issue will only be available from our web shop, while supplies last. Please note that Waveform cannot be responsible for mail delivery issues such as incorrect address, lost mail, etc.

Why does Waveform charge for back issues if the magazine is free?

Website hosting and storage is part of the magazine's overhead, and the magazine staff's time is limited. It is both cost and time prohibitive to support free back issues for both print and digital versions. If you miss the initial mailing for an issue that we have our distributor/printer send out, then we have to process, pack, print, and mail each piece one at a time, at a more expen$ive rate than our initial mailing.

Where is my issue? I never received my issue. I want my issue.

If you signed up for it in time, trust us, it went out. Sometimes it just takes a while. The mail is a curious thing, and as much as we love our postman (John!), sometimes things get detoured, so please be patient. If you see everybody on Instagram with their shiny new copy of Waveform and three weeks/a month later you still haven't received yours, contact us. But give it some time. Please note that Waveform cannot be responsible for mail delivery issues such as incorrect address, lost mail, etc.

My issue was damaged in the mail. Can you help me?

We make every effort to ensure that each issue makes it to our subscribers intact and in a timely manner. Unfortunately we can't be responsible for the occasional USPS mishap. If you want to ensure that you will receive a pristine copy, consider joining our Patreon tier of $15 per month where we hand select a copy of each issue as they come out and send it to you in a reinforced mailer. Contributing to our Patreon also helps Waveform, a nice thing to do.

Why didn't you reply to my email?

We get lots of emails each day and it's nearly impossible to properly reply to all of them. And to write/edit/conceive/organize/layout a magazine. And do normal living things that normal living people do. Please take no offense to this.

Can you guys send me some free things?

We offer free advice occasionally on Instagram.

I am a writer and I like the words you put on the page. Can I write some words and have you put them on a page in Waveform?